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What's Up?

We won!

We won the 2016 MyTheatre Award for Outstanding Production in the small category for our production of My Child!


We won

Outstanding Production

in the small category for HOCC's My Child!

Kaitlin Morrow won the

Honorary Award

for excellence in puppetry!



Adam Cunningham was nominated for

Outstanding  Actor

Jeannette Lambermont- Morey was nominated for

Outstanding Director

The My Theatre Awards night was an absolute blast! Haus of Casati was so proud to see our production of My Child listed among the nominees in three categories! Adam Cunningham, who played the leading role in My Child, was nominated for Outstanding Actor in the small category. Jeannette Lambermont-Morey was nominated for Outstanding Director in the small category. And the Haus of Casati Collective won Outstanding Production in the small category! We couldn't be happier! Wait... we could! Kaitlin Morrow, who brought Steven, the puppet, to life, won the final award of the night! She was given the Honorary Award for her excellence in puppetry and her contributions to the art! She is so incredibly talented that the other awards categories could not do her justice! 

Thank you so much Kelly Bedard and My Entertainment World for a wonderful evening and for your recognition! You are an invaluable contributor to this industry.


My Theatre Awards 2016

The Big Screen!

Christina Gordon

Christina before the awards ceremony

The Nominees

There we are!

Our Award

There it is! So proud!

Our Acceptance

Just after we accepted our award!

The Collective

Us with our award! We're missing a few talented faces though...

Kaitlin Morrow

This star won the Honorary Award!

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