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old flame, old flame brewing co., port perry, haus of casati
old flame brewing co., old flame, haus of casati

These craft beers are seriously special! Each one is unique, refreshing, and delicious. You can find them in the Historical District of Port Perry, Ontario in the former Ontario Carriage Works.

The whole Haus Of Casati Collective had the pleasure of tasting a number of their craft beers at our recent Combat Trivia fundraising event! Old Flame Brewing Co. generously donated their beer and it was a huge hit! We loved it so much we just had to add it to our list of things we like! We are so happy to feature this amazing company and their amazing products!

Want to find out how to visit them and have a taste?

Old Flame Brewing Co.

What we like...

What is it? A six-part web series

Why we like it. Created by Elias Campbell and Maxim Gertler-Jaffe, this webseries follows Quinn, a Mars One candidate five days before she leaves on a one-way trip to Mars. It's hauntingly simple and profound in its succinctness. You must watch.

What is it? A brewery in Cambridge, ON.

Why we like it. Their craft beers are delicious, full bodied, and flavourful with adorable names. Their Bump & Grind stout, flavoured with Ethiopian coffee, is gorgeous.

What is it? Gummy candies!

Why we like it. These are gummies for the sophisticated palate (and for the unsophisticated palate!). They are so good! And they have cocktail flavoured gummies, too! Our favourites? Mojito and the Bubbly Bears (which are flavoured with... prosecco!) In Toronto, you can find them under The Bay in the Eaton's Centre.

What is it?  Samantha Hurley is an incredibly talented photographer and visual artist who focuses on beautiful and intriguing photos of people.

Why we like it. We love how much she loves people. Samantha has a talent for capturing what is unique about her subjects and she also creates gorgeous double exposures. Her subjects are as diverse as her talents. ( For any actors out there... she also does headshots!)

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What is it? Alexander Offord's Personal Website. Alexander is an actor, director, and writer, and he uses this website to unload his mental "residue"

Why we like it. Alexander's home page features his personal essays, which are witty, sharp, and brutally honest. He's another writer who writes about important contemporary issues and doesn't pull his punches. We like his bold, intellectual style.

What is it? A book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez about the final years of a Caribbean dictator.

Why we like it. This book is the ultimate exploration of what it means to have tyrannical power. Marquez's insight is only matched by his magical imagination, which is what lends the novel its profound impact. A truly magnificent read. Be warned! This is not your average summer read. It can be incredibly challenging with rolling sentences that go on for multiple pages and a continually changing narrator. This book is for adventurous readers with nimble imaginations! Click below to find a copy at a Toronto Library OR use the library link to take you to Indigo to purchase online where proceeds from the purchase go to supporting the library.

What is it? A book written by Yuval Noah Harari. He has a Ph.D. in History from Oxford.

Why we like it.  This book covers a lot of ground and reads very quickly and conversationally. It offers educated possible theories for some of our more difficult, broad, historical questions about how humans arrived at the place we are today. It's Gladwell-esque in its readability, with the scope of Harari's expertise. It follows humanity from ape beginnings to our incredible domination. Click below to find a copy at a Toronto Library OR use the library link to take you to Indigo to purchase online where proceeds from the purchase go to supporting the library.

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