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Interview Series
My Entertainment World

03. 31. 2017

Jeannette Lambermont-Morey

"If it had been a child actor, we would have been more conscious of the child himself, and worried about him. But, because we didn’t have to worry, we could go deeply into the being that was Steven. And very quickly, that puppet became a real entity in the room and he was separate from Kaitlin."

04. 09. 2017

Adam Cunningham

"A lot of scenes come in about halfway through and you miss all the beginning parts, and you’re right in the thick of it [...] but I feel like, the way that it’s paced, and just the actual intimate nature of the one-on-ones in those scenes allowed me to get to my desperate state a lot faster."

From Kelly Bedard @ My Entertainment World

03.12. 2017

"This production ran in a tiny space (the Hub Café) for only six performances. That’s not even close to enough. One of the most expertly executed and emotionally involving pieces of indie theatre all year, My Child already has me aching for a remount, if only so I have more than two days to shout “Go See My Child!” at everyone I meet. Under the bold and sure-footed direction of Jeannette Lambermont-Morey, Mike Bartlett’s 50-minute play about estranged parents fighting for the loyalty of their kid (Kaitlin Morrow in yet another exquisite puppet performance) really moves. And I mean that in every sense of the word “moves”- it rollicks along at a thrilling pace, everyone is in near-constant motion (cleverly filling the unconventional space and cleanly facilitating precise transitions), and it’s impossible to come away from the production unmoved by its moral complexity and laid-bare humanity. Adam Cunningham and Gabriella Colavecchio deliver grounded, empathetic performances as the warring parents and Michael Dufays executes his own choreography in the most brutal scene of stage violence I’ve seen all year. I’m sorry I saw this production too late in its run to write about it before closing. I’m sorry you missed it. I hope Haus of Casati Collective brings it back so we have a chance to fix that."

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